Metallurgical Failure Analysis

Failure Analysis

Metallurgical Failure Analysis


Metal fracture symptomatic of a problem - unfavorable stresses and strains, improper heat treatment, metallurgical flaws, improper design or perhaps a device simply has exceeded its useful service life. Initiating corrections is based upon a proper diagnosis. Reading and understanding the fracture surface, evaluating the alloy microstructure and studying a component’s performance represent a few of our analytical tools. Completion of a project occurs when our clients receive a clean and succinct report of the technical findings.


Recent Projects


Rig Collapse

Investigation revealed that the weld failure was a consequence of an indirect overload on the rig mast.

Figure 4_drilling tool.jpg
Figure 5_drilling tool 2.jpg
Figure 6_drilling tool 3.jpg

Drilling Tool

Fatigue fracture caused failure of this special drilling tool.  Poor overlay of hardfacing material induced fatigue cracking very early in its lifetime. 

Figure 7_IMG_1564.JPG

Tubing Fracture

Longitudinal tubing split - the joint was dropped downhole.  No Material defects were discovered and the properties satisfied API specifications.  

Figure 8_IMG_9205.jpg

Tank Battery Degradation

Degradation of a tank battery catwalk.


Mystery Gasket

Profile of a stainless steel ring gasket. Dimensions beyond the cited tolerance lead to improper seating.


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