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Diagnostic skills are not acquired overnight. Years of experience are necessary to properly evaluate engineering and material failures. Not all laboratories have this ability - we do.



Investigating the Cause is Critical 

We understand that failures can be catastrophic economically while jeopardizing the safety of employees and other onsite crew members. Determining the cause and implementing corrections help to minimize the likelihood of recurring problems and unnecessary downtime.

AME - Oil & Gas represents interests throughout the US oil patch.  We specialize in metallurgical engineering, failure analysis and resolving other materials related problems.  Extensive experience ensures keen and timely diagnostics, an artful approach to developing an understanding of fractures and failures.

Repeated failures are avoidable if skillful methodology is utilized to solve the initial problems.  Contact us early enough, and the solutions may appear before the difficulties arise.  To learn a little more, follow the link below or give us a call. 




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The Process

On Site Investigation

On Site Investigation

The initial stages of a failure assessment are critical. Photographs, measurements and assessment of the scene require thoroughness. Experience in evaluating a location can’t be overemphasized - as identification of the most important elements of the failure plays a key role in determining the cause.


Laboratory Examination

Study of the fracture surfaces under laboratory conditions results in identification of the failure mode.  Was an instantaneous load responsible?  Did corrosion affect performance?  Deformation of a structure or an individual component part provide information about how an assembly was loaded.  Professional photographs taken with scientific cameras and microscopes help tell part of the story.

Professional photographs taken at 325x

Professional photographs taken at 325x


The microstructures of metals and their alloys are studied to determine their processing history.  Corrosion damage and the extent of cracking can also be evaluated. The microstructure of a bearing race from earth-moving equipment appears above. Deformation and cracking of the metal are evident in this image. 



Oil Field Metallurgy

Failure Analysis

Corrosion Analysis

Tubular Goods

Wellhead Assembly Failure

Valves, Fittings,

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